Run Tool

A multi-purpose tool to aid developers in executing common tasks. Aiming to suit modern requirements, whilst not replicating make.

Whilst fairly stable, it is still in development and features may change


  • Configuration uses YAML
  • Per project configuration file (if added at root of project)
  • Supporting a global configuration (per user)
  • Customisable targets
    • Arguments
    • Environment variables
    • Settable current working directory
    • Hooks (before and after target run)
    • Conditional runs (only run target when conditions are met)

Use Case

  • Running a project
  • Building a project
  • Run tests
  • One-off commands, e.g. downloading test data


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Human readable configuration
  • Cross-platform (for core functionality)
  • Support mono-repos
  • Support use in CI/CD


  • Be a complete replacement to make